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How to reduce the impact of webbing noise on workers' production

There will be noise problems in the webbing industry. How to reduce the impact of webbing noise on workers' production? 1. Reasonable layout of the factory

Forms of Warping Creel in Warping Machine

There are various forms of creel such as truck creel, single-end creel, magazine creel, mobile creel, V-shaped creel, rotating frame creel, unrolling creel, swi

Double-layer Tape Out Design

The traditional loom including the frame is technically modified. The frame is equipped with a power mechanism, a weaving mechanism and a yarn feedin

Improve Yarn Creel Structure Defects

Domestic warping equipment has defects in the warp beam pressurization form, telescopic reed, and creel structure, so that the warp beam cannot fully

The Solution to the Jacquard Loom Cannot Recognize the USB

The computer jacquard weaving machine cannot recognize the USB, please check one by one according to the following situations:1. The computerized jacquard loom

Warp and Weft Jacquard Webbing-Innovative Development of Webbing

Although the universal production of webbing has been around for decades, the webbing products themselves and the production process have not changed much, and

Jacquard belts weaving process adjustment

The key to weaving is to reasonably adjust various process parameters such as warp and weft yarn tension, machine parts coordination, etc., to ensure that the w

Yarn Creel Classification

According to the outline of the creel, the creel can be divided into a V-shaped creel and a rectangular creel (a rectangular V-shaped creel is also a rectangul

The Principle of the Belt-Type Weft Feeding Device of the Loom

The variator is similar to the umbrella wheel device of a general weaving machine. It is a weft supply device superior to the umbrella wheel device. The obviou

Ways to Reduce Hairiness

The hairiness on the surface of the yarn is mainly generated in the spinning process and increases in the winding process. The length and quantity of yarn hair

The Difference Between Spandex and Other Fibers

Some countries regard polyurethane containing more than 85% as the standard to distinguish spandex from other elastic fibers. In fact, the main difference betw

Safe Production in Webbing Factory

Recently, at a webbing factory, a female worker was involved in an operation accident, which caused her long hair to be caught in the weft feeder wheel of the

Application of Visual Inspection for Yarn Breakage of Warping Machine

Warping is a very important preparation process in the weaving process of the textile industry, and the effect of warping will affect the quality of the final

Principle of Bobbin Warping Machine

In beam warping, the yarns are withdrawn from the single-end yarn packages on the creel & directly wound on a beam. Direct warping is used in two ways:1.Beam w

How to Improve Warping Machine Process

Beam warping process is the most progressive process ensuring a high quality of produced warps & high efficiency. In cotton weaving, beam warping is mostly use

CNC Multicolor Warp and Weft Computer Jacquard Ribbon Machine

With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for webbing patterns and product quality have also increased, which means that weaving factorie

New Method for Removing Toxic Dyes from Wastewater

How to remove harmful substances in textile dyeing water has always been a major problem for the textile and apparel industry around the world.

Development Direction of Warping Machine Technology

Warping is an important step in the preparation process before weaving. It winds the warp yarn from the winding bobbin according to the number, length and widt

Working Principle of Jacquard Head for Computerized Jacquard Loom

The faucet of the computer jacquard weaving loom originally developed from pure mechanical control to computer control, which can be described as a leap in dev

Mildew Prevention Measures for Webbing

On the webbing, molds such as Mucor and Aspergillus flavus can grow. Moldy webbing can cause damage to the appearance of the webbing and affect product quality

Major Causes of Mold on Webbing Tapes

Major Causes of Mold on Webbing Tapes

Safety Operation Rules For Weaving Machine (1)

1. Place the needle loom in a well-ventilated area with no flammable and explosive materials around, clean ground, no dust, and a dry place.2. It is strictly f