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What are the ribbon dyeing methods?

 When the elastic or non elastic ribbon produced by the shuttle less weaving machine, some of them need to be dyed.  

What are the dyeing methods for webbing ? There are many ways to color the webbing, such as the more extensive conventional dyeing used nowadays, and the use of paint to make the coating into tiny insoluble colored particles to adhere to the dyeing of the fiber raw material on the fabric, in addition to these two Ribbon dyeing method?


1. Disperse dye: The webbing is suitable for viscose, acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc. The washing fastness is different, the polyester is better, and the viscose is poor.

2. Direct dye: The webbing is suitable for cellulose fiber fabrics. The washing fastness is poor and the light resistance is different. However, the water color of the modified direct dye can be improved.

3, acid dyes: more suitable for protein fiber and nylon fiber and silk. The feature is that the color of the drop tape is gorgeous, but the degree of washing of the webbing is poor, the degree of dry cleaning is excellent, and the contrast is widely used in natural dyeing.

4, sulphur dyes: suitable for cellulose fiber fabrics, color shades are dim, mainly navy, black and brown, light and washable rubber bands are excellent, chlorine bleaching is poor, long-term storage of fabrics will damage the fibers.

 Therefore, the ribbon manufacturers who have many needle looms and the kitting machines will also dye different ribbons according to the actual situation, so that the production efficiency will not only improve, but also the quality of the produced ribbon will be better.