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Common Problems In The Weaving of Decorative Tapes - Uneven Width

 Since the woven decorative tape belongs to a narrow fabric, the weaving of the product is not a weaving process of the woven fabric in the usual sense, and its unique product quality problem will occur during weaving.

   Uneven Width

  The decorative tape differs from the wide-width woven fabric in its width, and since the weaving has no effect of the temple and the width of the product is narrow, minute variations in the width are reflected. The reasons for the wide and narrow widths of woven decorative fabrics mainly include the following points.

  1) Weft tension is not uniform. Whether it is a shuttle weaving machine or a shuttleless weaving machine, the even tension of the weft yarn is the key to avoid uneven width. For the shuttleless webbing machine, the weft bobbin feeding must be uniform and timely, the weft yarn diameter change, the weft yarn stoppage, and the spring elasticity instability will cause the width change. At the same time, we must ensure that the weft bobbin is formed well to ensure smooth yarn supply. For a shuttle weaving machine, since a plurality of weft yarns are generally used in the weaving of the decorative tape, when the bobbin is formed, a defective package causes the length of the weft yarns to be inconsistent, resulting in poor weft yarn output and length, resulting in a non-uniform width.

  2) Warp yarn warping is poor. In the warping of the decoration tape, the warping beam warping should be evenly wound. If the warping warping is uneven, the difference in the warp tension will depend on the decorative tape width.

  3) Non-uniform beam tension control. Under normal circumstances, the tension of the warp beam is small, and the decorative tape will become wider; the tension of the warp beam will make the tape narrower. Therefore, maintaining the stability of warp tension during weaving is also the key to eliminating uneven width.