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Common problems in weaving of woven decorative belt--bend Belt

 Common problems in weaving of woven decorative belt--bend Belt

Because the woven decorative belt is a narrow fabric, the weaving of the product is different from the weaving of woven fabric in the usual sense, and its unique product quality problem will be produced in weaving.

Bend Belt

The appearance of the decorative belt should be straight and without bending in the length direction, and if improper handling in the weaving will cause the bend belt phenomenon. The main causes of the Ribbon belt change are the following.

1 Warp tension unevenness. On the needle loom, if the warp tension is not evenly sent through the shaft, it affects the straightness of the decorative belt. Under normal circumstances, with the body bending to the side of the big tension. In the use of biaxial weaving, the tension control of the two axes must be uniform, otherwise it will cause the bend belt.

2) Poor seam. On the shuttleless webbing machine, the tension of the lock line should be controlled properly. Too loose or too tight will cause the bend belt. Locking line is too tight, then bending to the seam side, lock line too loose, then bend to the normal side.

3) Improper Reed. Decorative belt weaving sometimes for the needs of the pattern and shuttleless weaving machine to make up for the seam side and the normal side density of the need to wear reed when the two sides of the belt with asymmetrical reed form, if improper treatment will result in bending belt. Usually, the decorative belt will bend to the small side of the reed, at this time must be a new adjustment to the number of reeds, to do just right.