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Common problems in weaving of woven decorative belt—Harness Skip


Because the woven decorative belt is a narrow fabric, the weaving of the product is different from the weaving of woven fabric in the usual sense, and its unique product quality problem will be produced in weaving.

Harness skip


In the case of shuttleless webbing, when the warp yarn density is large, the opening of the loom is relatively small, and the warp phenomenon that the warp yarn floats out is easily generated. There are the following reasons for the phenomenon of hops.

1) The warping tension is uneven. The tension of the warp yarns during the warping process is uneven, and when the weaving causes unclear openings, hop flowers are formed.

2) The position of the opening is improper. If the opening of the webbing machine is too small or the opening time is incorrect, it will cause the phenomenon of hops. Especially when the warp density is large, a larger opening stroke should be used to adjust the correct opening time and weft insertion time. At the same time, the upper shed of the warp yarn should be adjusted to be flush. In order to avoid harness skip.

3) The warp tension is too small. If the tension of the warp of the lower axis is too small, the warp opening will be unclear, which will cause the harness skip.

4) There are too many warp yarns. Excessive yarn warp yarns will cause warp between the warp yarns during the opening process, especially when the warp yarn density is high. If the yarn warp yarns, yarn joints and other yarns are too much, it will cause obstacles between the warp yarns, causing unclear opening. And cause harness skip.

5) Patterns are misplaced or misplaced. For shuttle weaving machines, if weaving occurs in weaving during the weaving of decorative tapes, check the pattern. If there is a regular staggering phenomenon, check whether the stud is nailed incorrectly; if the streaking pattern is an irregular discovery, check whether the stud is inclined or not aligned with the heavy tail rod.