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Common Problems In Weaving Of Woven Decorative Belt—Fluff

  Because the woven decorative belt is a narrow fabric, the weaving of the product is different from the weaving of woven fabric in the usual sense, and its unique product quality problem will be produced in weaving. 


  The belt is blurred. In addition to the causes caused by the raw materials themselves, there are several reasons for the ambiguity caused by the weaving process.

  1) Steel friction. Check the wire burr for burrs. In addition, for thicker warp yarns, rakes and flower buds may also be rubbed due to larger nicknames and smaller caries. At this point, on the premise of ensuring the same width, consider choosing a smaller steel file or, in the case of a larger nick, removing a plurality of trusses to ensure that excessive wear avoids coarse texturing.

  2) Healhod friction. Similar to the friction in steel drilling, the hesitation of the healds in the heddle will also cause the warp to fluff, and the heavier heald should be a heddle with larger holes.

  3) Incorrect shed position. For shuttle weaving machines, if the opening time or the position of the shed is not appropriate, excessive friction of the warp yarn caused by the shuttle can cause fluffing. At this time, the opening time and picking time should be adjusted on the premise of the correct position of the shed so that the two can properly cooperate. In order to avoid occurrence of fluff.

  4) Broken needle. In the shuttleless webbing machine, the edge of the decorative tape may cause fluffing due to the damage of the hook-shaped edge. At this point, the crochet can be replaced.