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Common problems in weaving of woven decorative belt—Poor molding

 Because the woven decorative belt is a narrow fabric, the weaving of the product is different from the weaving of woven fabric in the usual sense, and its unique product quality problem will be produced in weaving.   

Poor molding

The weaving of decorative tape is different from ordinary tapes. Due to the need for decoration, the trimming belts of the side teeth may have poor molding of the edges during weaving. The following causes are the causes of bad molding in the weaving.

1) Weft yarn tension is uneven. The uneven weft yarn tension will cause the shape of the side teeth to be inconsistent with the design, so that the gap teeth are not uniform and the shape of the teeth is not natural enough. With this type of present tin, the shuttleless webbing machine should adjust the tension control device for the weft and weft yarns; the shuttle weaving machine should adjust the tension control device of the weft tube so that the weft yarn tension can be uniformly controlled so that the side teeth can be formed well.

2) Improper control of side teeth tension. After the decoration tape is weaved, the tension of the side teeth should remain unchanged. If the special tension is large or small, it will cause malformation of the teeth.

3) Weft yarns are badly formed. In general, decorative tape weft yarns are formed by a combination of multiple yarns during weft insertion. If the weft tube is badly formed, the length of the yarn between the multiple weft yarns will be different, and the welt will be badly formed during weaving.