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Elastic Tape’s Computer Jacquard Process

   With the computer jacquard technology and computer jacquard equipment, let the pattern design break through the restrictions, as you like, all kinds of fashion elements converge here. Computer jacquard technology can be used in the design and production of various fabrics, including pure cotton, polyester and even wool, elastic fabric, it can be said that the use of a very wide range.

Computer jacquard technology is realized by computer jacquard loom, which can weave various patterns and rules of elastic belt. Weaving elastic band is different from other fabrics, because elastic band is elastic, so in computer jacquard to think about this, regardless of design or ribbon weaving process is different from other fabrics.

The production of computer jacquard elastic belt is an intelligent process. The computer jacquard loom can read U disk data, read jacquard design patterns to the data center, and then weave the required patterns through a series of analysis, calculation and integration. This is also the application of computer embedded technology in ribbon weaving.

In addition, the computer jacquard technology can also produce the waist effect through the different jacquard process needles.