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Inverter Popularization And Application in Textile Machinery

 Inverter's popularization and application in textile machinery

In recent years, with the fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of the technical level of mechanical and electrical integration of textile machinery, domestic and foreign textile machinery have generally entered the era of variable frequency speed control. Frequency conversion speed control has replaced the traditional mechanical structure. The main process flow and basic looms and equipments such as clearing, carding, doubling, roving, spinning, winding, warping, sizing, and shuttleless looms have been widely adopted. In addition, newly developed textile machinery adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation technology without exception, which greatly improves the reliability of textile machinery equipment and improves the quality and automation of textiles.

Frequency control in textile machinery

AC frequency conversion speed control technology as an inevitable trend in the application of textile machinery, with the following obvious advantages:

1) Reduce power consumption, reduce costs, and have significant power-saving effects.

2) Asynchronous motors can be infinitely variable.

3) Simplified mechanical structure, increased production speed and production efficiency.

4) Start smoothing, eliminate mechanical impact and improve the reliability of textile machinery equipment.

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