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Development Trend of Foreign Textile Machinery

 In the textile machinery industry, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries have long been in an advantageous position, and Japan's textile machinery also has certain technological advantages. In recent years, the export of Italian textile machinery has been strong. In comparison, foreign textile weaving machinery has reliable performance, high productivity, high cost, low cost, environmental protection, health and safety. Foreign textile machinery dominates the world market, and its inevitability can be summarized into the following four points:

1. Manufacturers have focused more on providing pre-sales and after-sales services. This is because most foreign companies are convinced that it is necessary to provide customers with complete solution copying through a series of services.

2. Marketing concept innovation, textile machinery products are closer to the market. Textile machinery needs to continuously develop new products based on market demands and changes. It is necessary to serve the traditional textile industry, and more importantly, to develop new areas and meet the needs of new areas. It should not only serve the production of traditional natural fibers and chemical fibers, but also adapt to the production of new fibers to serve the development of emerging specialty fibers.

3. Organizational management innovation, seeking to make the organizational structure more scientific and reasonable. According to the changes in market changes, through mergers, reorganizations, and alliances, the organizational structure of companies tends to be reasonable.

4. Technological innovation, water polo improvement of textile machinery technology. The core of product development is technology. The development of textile machinery depends on technology, especially the mechatronics technology has developed rapidly, and has been comprehensively used in textile machinery.