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Safety Operation Rules For Weaving Machine (2)

 1. Put the fluff in the flocking nozzle and fasten the screen cover.

2. Plug the power plug into a power outlet with an AC 220 volt frequency and 50 Hz, and insert the foot switch plug into the foot switch socket. The connection must be firm.

3. Turn on the main power switch and observe whether the power indicator light is on. If everything is normal, proceed to the next step.

4. Depress the foot switch. If you can hear the “Zi Zi” sound of high voltage discharge, it means that the machine is normal. Put on insulating gloves and put on rubber boots to carry out flocking.

5. After stopping flocking, you should first release the foot switch, and then turn off the power switch to disconnect the power.

6. When flocking, adjusting the voltage adjustment can change the level of high voltage output. When working, the voltage should be adjusted according to actual needs.

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