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Major Causes of Mold on Webbing Tapes

 What should do if the webbing tapes are moldy? Some people wonder why the webbing is moldy? In fact, the webbing will not only be moldy, but also harmful after moldy, so we must take good measures to prevent the webbing from mildew.

The main reasons for moldy webbing products

1. When some ribbons pass through the paddle, the glue itself is rich in protein and starch. These have become a breeding ground for mold. In the past, ammonia was added to the glue, and other preservatives were added. Anti-mold effect, but due to environmental protection requirements in recent years, these products are no longer added to the glue, so mold is easy to breed;

2. When the ribbon is dyed, toluene has been added to the previous dyes to play a role of anti-mildew and anti-corrosion, and because of environmental protection in recent years, these products cannot be added;

3. The structure of the webbing itself is loose, and it is easy to absorb moisture in the air, and the unevenness of the webbing surface is easy to stay dust. When the appropriate temperature and humidity are reached, the mold begins to grow and reproduce.