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Mildew Prevention Measures for Webbing

 On the webbing, molds such as Mucor and Aspergillus flavus can grow. Moldy webbing can cause damage to the appearance of the webbing and affect product quality. Generally, mold has the characteristics of rapid spread and reproduction, which can easily lead to mold of other parts of the product and increase losses.

Anti-mildew measures for webbing

1. Add about 1% of the antifungal agent AEM5700-L50 to the glue that may be used for the webbing.

2. Put the Bio Dry desiccant in the packaging of the webbing product, and control the humidity in the package below 60%, that is, the humidity range where the mold should not grow.

3. Put Keep Fresh anti-mildew tablets in the package to form a bacteriostatic space.