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Working Principle of Jacquard Head for Computerized Jacquard Loom

 The faucet of the computer jacquard weaving loom originally developed from pure mechanical control to computer control, which can be described as a leap in development, which further improved the work efficiency of jacquard ribbon and also facilitated the operator.


However, the operation of computerized jacquard machines is relatively complicated and requires a certain degree of professional personnel to operate. Such professionals are relatively few and are not enough for the needs of the industry, which limits the rapid development of jacquard loom.


The principle of the jacquard head is controlled by a set of circuits. In short, it is to control the magnet (iron) through the power supply of the switch to cause it to generate magnetic force and cooperate with the moving parts to achieve a specified action. Numerous solenoid valves can operate all the jacquard ropes at the same time.


The jacquard rope controls the warp thread worn in it, and after cooperating with the weft yarn, the required jacquard belt can be formed.