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CNC Multicolor Warp and Weft Computer Jacquard Ribbon Machine

 With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for webbing patterns and product quality have also increased, which means that weaving factories must constantly improve production machines and their configurations. At present, computer jacquard machines can only realize warp jacquard and only have a single color. Multi-color computer jacquard webbings mainly rely on imported label machines, and the imported equipment is expensive.


Based on the computer jacquard machine, domestic webbing machinery companies use CNC technology to upgrade and replace, adopt full servo control to pull the winding mechanism, synchronize the roller to convey the weft yarn, the jacquard head magnet and the weft insertion mechanism have realized the production of computer jacquard machine. The color warp and weft jacquard webbing greatly reduces the production cost of multicolor warp and weft jacquard webbing, and enhances the international competitiveness of the domestic webbing industry.


The CNC multicolor warp and weft computer jacquard ribbon machine can be used to produce elastic or non-elastic narrow fabrics and ornaments with patterns, characters, characters and other jacquard effects. It is easy to learn, easy to learn, high-speed and stable. It is the first choice to replace the label machine. Its main technical innovations are: the use of full servo control to pull the winding mechanism to improve the accuracy of its webbing production products; the use of synchronous rollers for weft yarn delivery to ensure stable delivery; the use of the solenoid valve jacquard principle and weft insertion mechanism of the faucet to achieve Multi-color warp and weft jacquard; electronic control system developed for precise and intelligent operation.


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