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Principle of Bobbin Warping Machine

 In beam warping, the yarns are withdrawn from the single-end yarn packages on the creel & directly wound on a beam. Direct warping is used in two ways:

1.Beam warping can be used to directly produce the weaver’s beam in a single operation. This is especially suitable for strong yarns that do not require sizing such as continuous filaments & when the number of warp ends on the warp beam is relatively small. This is also called direct beaming.

2.Beam warping is used to make smaller intermediate beams called warper’s beams. These smaller beams are combined later at the sizing stage to produce the weaver’s beam. This process is called beaming. Therefore, for if the weaver’s beam contains 10,000 warp ends, hen there would be-say – 10 warper’s beams of 1,000 ends each. If this weaver’s were to be made an one stage, the creel would have to have 10,000 yarn yarn packages, which is impossible to manage.