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Application of Visual Inspection for Yarn Breakage of Warping Machine

 Warping is a very important preparation process in the weaving process of the textile industry, and the effect of warping will affect the quality of the final product. Therefore, the warping machine must be able to stop in time when the warp yarn breaks during warping. This requires that the warping machine control system has a yarn breakage detection device with accurate detection results and high sensitivity. Traditional yarn breakage detection devices are no longer able to respond quickly to modern warping machines. If the yarn breakage occurs during the work, the broken yarn has already been entangled after the system has not responded. So what kind of yarn breakage detection method should be used to adapt to the working mode of modern high-speed and ultra-high-speed warping machines, this is a problem waiting to be solved. The problem of using machine vision to detect yarn breakage is the trend of the modern textile industry, and it is also an emerging detection method in the automation industry.

The way the vision camera detects yarn breakage is to set the vision camera above the warping yarn and monitor the number of yarns in normal operation in real time. Due to the high speed of image acquisition and image processing in the vision system, the entire process can be completed in a short time. When the visual camera detects that the number of real-time yarns does not match the preset number, it will immediately send a stop and alarm signal to the main control of the warping machine. At this time, the main control immediately stops the machine and waits for the processing of the operator.