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Ways to Reduce Hairiness

 The hairiness on the surface of the yarn is mainly generated in the spinning process and increases in the winding process. The length and quantity of yarn hairiness are directly related to raw material performance, cotton blending scheme, short pile rate, process parameters and the inherent quality of semi-products fed into each process, and are also subject to equipment status, workshop environment, operation level of blockers, workshop management The impact of levels, etc.

There are many factors affecting the warp of yarn hairiness, and the warping machine is one of them. The transmission mode of the traditional warping machine is the drum friction transmission warp beam. Due to the inertial rotation of the warp beam during parking, the warp beam does not stop completely, and the warp beam will slip on the drum, which is easy to sand the surface of the yarn and increase hairiness. For the new warping machine, the AC motor drives the hydraulic pressure regulating pump and the variable speed motor stepless speed regulation to directly drive the warp beam. This transmission method will effectively reduce the warp yarn fluff caused by the warp beam braking. The second is the warping tension. Due to the consideration of uniform sheet yarn tension during warping, the weight of the tension washers configured to draw the yarn at different positions on the creel is different, and the impact on the yarn hairiness is also different. The warping tension increases with the weight of the tension washer, and the number of hairy roots also increases. The warping speed will also affect the yarn hairiness.

For certain warping machines, hairiness can be reduced in three ways:

First, the tension configuration is appropriate to ensure uniform tension and flexible rotation of the rotating member;

Second, the surface of the yarn guide member is smooth, without cracks or damage, and the friction of the yarn is small;

Third, the vehicle speed is compatible with the tension washer configuration.