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Jacquard belts weaving process adjustment

The key to weaving is to reasonably adjust various process parameters such as warp and weft yarn tension, machine parts coordination, etc., to ensure that the webbing is well formed.

Weft and latch needle adjustment

Different from ordinary looms, the loom generally uses arc-shaped guide needles for weft insertion. One side of the fabric is ordinary side, and the other side is knitted latch needle over lock, and the weft is double weft. In production, it is necessary to make corresponding adjustments according to the position matching requirements of the guide needle, latch needle and steel reed, so as to smoothly carry out operations such as opening, weft insertion, and beating. The height and front and rear positions of the latch needle can be adjusted so that it can hook the weft without colliding with the guide needle, and the position of the weft on the latch needle is in the reed plane, so that the knitting is fine and smooth; in addition, The stop needle of the auxiliary latch needle opening cannot collide with the guide needle and the latch needle during the reciprocating movement of the latch needle.