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Warp and Weft Jacquard Webbing-Innovative Development of Webbing

Although the universal production of webbing has been around for decades, the webbing products themselves and the production process have not changed much, and the webbing machinery and equipment have not developed more advanced and revolutionary upgraded products. Although the warp and weft jacquard weaving machine has existed for many years, it has only begun to enter the mainstream market in recent years and has been widely recognized.

Although the warp and weft jacquard weaving machine is not a revolutionary upgrade product, it is at least regarded as a fist technology product that improves and enhances the competitiveness of the product. Because of its unique mechanical characteristics and quite complex production technology, the texture of the webbing is unique. The webbing industry, especially the traditional jacquard webbing industry, has brought a lot of impact, but challenges always coexist with opportunities, which also provides an excellent opportunity for many traditional jacquard webbing industries to transform.