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The Solution to the Jacquard Loom Cannot Recognize the USB

 The computer jacquard weaving machine cannot recognize the USB, please check one by one according to the following situations:

1. The computerized jacquard loom machine needs to use a designated USB flash drive, and the popular USB flash drive cannot be recognized;

2. The capacity of the USB flash drive is too large to be recognized by the computer jacquard machines produced in the early days. It is generally recommended to use a USB flash drive with a capacity of 64MB or less;

3. There is a fault in the interface or the hardware of the jacquard faucet electronic control host;

4. The file format saved in the USB flash drive is different from the format recognized by the computer jacquard machine;

5. USB flash drive needs professional formatting tool software for professional processing;

6. User operation error.

7. The USB flash drive should be directly inserted into the USB flash drive slot of the computer jacquard weaving machine, and it is best not to have other connection extension cables in the middle;

8. The USB flash drive produced by a regular manufacturer is preferred, and a card reader with a memory card should not be used as much as possible.