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Three trends in the development of textile machinery

In the future, the structural adjustment of the textile industry will focus on the development of high-tech fibers for industrial use. Therefore, increasing the

Application of microelectronics technology in the weaving machinery industry

With the development of webbing enterprises, shuttle less mechanical products should be filled in and improved, and actively develop decorative and industrial

Difference between large jcqurard weavbing machine and small jaquard weaving machine

The jacquard principle of large jacquard weaving machine , the difference between the production of large jacquard fabric and small jacquard fabric has two poin

“One Belt, One Road” Of Textile industry

The report of the 19th National Congress pointed out: “The door to China's opening will not be closed, and it will only grow bigger. It is necessary to f

Textile Machinery Develpment Direction

See the industry development direction from the annual meeting of the Textile Machinery.More than halfway through 2018, what is the current situation of China'

Weaving Machinery And Its Classification

The weaving machine is a device for forming a yarn made of a spinning part into a grey cloth or a finished cloth by a process of weaving preparation, weaving,

Figured Fabrics

Figured fabrics may be structural designs or applied designs. Structural designs are woven or knitted in the fabric. Applied designs are finished put on an alre

Loom Development

Loom development - Loom developments over the years have centered on devices to separate the warp to make intricate weave designs, the use of computers and elec

Shuttle Less loom

Shuttle less looms were developed as a way to replace the shuttle. In the simple loom a “flying”shuttle is “batted” back and forth throu

What Is Blends

A blend is an intimate mixture of fibers of different composition, length, diameter, or color spun together into a yarn which used in the needle loom . A mixtu

Dyeing And Finishing

Dyeing and finishing are critical processes in the manufacture of textiles because they impart colour, appearance and handle to the final product. The p

What is Computerized Jacquard Ribbon

The pattern structure of the computer jacquard webbing is more complicated and the appearance or pattern is mainly produced by a computerized jacquard webbing m

Application of webbing

Webbing is wide used in many fields when it produced by the shuttle less weaving loom or jacquard loom. The summary as follow:1) Outdoor Products Industry: Mou


Because the weft does not have to be stretched on a needle loom the way like the warp, it can generally be less strong. It is usually made of spun fibre, origi


Warp threads in tablet weavingThe warp is the set of yarns or other elements stretched in place on a loom before the weft is introduced during the weaving proce

Principles Of Operation Of Jacquard Loom.

Each position in the card corresponds to a "Bolus" hook, which can either be raised or stopped dependent on whether the hole is punched out of the card or the c

Reed in Weaving Loom

A reed is part of a shuttle less weaving loom , and resembles a comb. It is used to push the weft yarn securely into place as it is woven, it also separates the

Worm And Worm Gears Mechanism Used In Weaving Machine.

Worm and worm gears are commonly used to transfer the motion and power between two staggered shafts. Yongjin's NF shuttle less weaving machine and TNF series co

Ribbon Classification (II)

4) According to the characteristics of the ribbon itselfElastic ribbon and rigid ribbon (non-elastic webbing) are two types.5) According to the processIt is ma

Ribbon Classification (I)

1) According to the materialNylon / TETORON / PP polypropylene / acrylic / cotton / polyester / gold and silver onion / spandex / light / rayonThe distinction

The Different Between Knitting And Shuttle Weaving.

Knit and shuttle weaving processes are not the same: Woven fabrics are woven into warp and weft yarns by the shuttle or shuttle less loom. Yarns are wound arou

What Is Frame

The frame is an important part of the shuttle loom or shuttle less loom and is a frame with a heald rod and a drive member connected by the upper and lower

Elastic Band Introduction

Elastic band: also known as elastic line, elastic band, fine point can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories, especially suitable for underwear, p

Textile Process

The textile process includes spinning and weaving.Spinning process includes: cleaning, carding, combing, drawing, roving, spinning.The weaving process includes


Covered latex is a new product formed by a vertical core and one or more layers of high-speed wraparound. Its products are mostly used for the use of raw mater