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The Different Between Knitting And Shuttle Weaving.

Knit and shuttle weaving processes are not the same: Woven fabrics are woven into warp and weft yarns by the shuttle or shuttle less loom. Yarns are wound arou

What Is Frame

The frame is an important part of the shuttle loom or shuttle less loom and is a frame with a heald rod and a drive member connected by the upper and lower

Elastic Band Introduction

Elastic band: also known as elastic line, elastic band, fine point can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories, especially suitable for underwear, p

Textile Process

The textile process includes spinning and weaving.Spinning process includes: cleaning, carding, combing, drawing, roving, spinning.The weaving process includes


Covered latex is a new product formed by a vertical core and one or more layers of high-speed wraparound. Its products are mostly used for the use of raw mater


Warping MachineThe warping machine is mainly divided into two major categories of batch warping machines and sectional warping machines.Batch warping machine: C

Problems and countermeasures in weaving

The high speed shuttle less webbing machine is a new type of woven shuttle less webbing machine suitable for producing a variety of narrow webs, especially elas

Some Things about the Development of Weaving Machine

The development of the webbing is very rapid. A weaving process that existed in the webbing even before the 1930s, but the previous weaving process technology

The Reason for the Formation of Yarn Hairiness

With the development of the textile industry and the large number of shuttleless looms, the requirements for yarn hairiness have become more stringent.Hairiness

Brief History of Weaving

Weaving is the action of producing fabric by interlacing warp and weft yarns at right angles to each other. This action can be produced on a frame, hand loom or

How to Use Double-Sided Computer Jacquard Loom

Double-sided computer jacquard double-sided computer jacquard machine upper and lower gears are immersed oil design to reduce gear wear and noise, improve the

Practice on Improving Product Output and Quality of Shuttle-less Looms

Improving product output and quality of shuttle-less looms is a comprehensive and systematic task. Based on practical experience, the article discusses the inf

Description of The Sample Warping Machine

Sample warping machines (also known as single-line warping machines) were developed in the 1980s and introduced in the 1990s. The sample warper uses a new conce

Precautions for The Application of Shuttleless Webbing in Glass Fiber Webbing

Several Problems Needing Attention in the Practical Application of High-speed Shuttleless Ribbon Weaving MachineGlass fiber is characterized by high strength,

Application of High-Speed Shuttleless Weaving Machine in Fiberglass Tape

Because of its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation properties, high strength, and ease of use, the glass fiber tape h

What Are the Comprehensive Characteristics of Polyester Fabrics

Polyester webbing Pure cotton is the collective name for the blended fabric of polyester and cotton. Polyester as the main component. The characteristics of po

Learn About Webbing Machine Classification

The classification of webbing machines can be roughly classified from the following aspects, such as tape-out angle, intrinsic function, number of weft needles

Notes for Continuous Dyeing of Webbing

What should you watch out for in the continuous dyeing of narrow fabric webbing? Do you understand more?1. Webbing Blanks Factor The first step in a webbing bla

The Technical Characteristics and Development Status of the Warping Machine

Warping is a weaving preparation process. It is a process in which a certain number of warp yarns are wound in parallel to the warp beam with uniform and appro

The Anti-Mildew Measure of Ribbon

Why is the ribbon prone to mildew? What is the harm of weaving mildew? The anti-mildew measure of ribbon. What if the weaving product is moldy? Some people

How to Maintain the Webbing Machine

We talk about the problems of the webbing factory below. If you want to produce high-quality, high-volume products, you must use good weaving machines as the b

The Working Principle of High speed Shuttleless Ribbon Machine

The high-speed shuttleless ribbon weaving machine is mainly composed of five mechanisms: an opening mechanism, a weft sending mechanism, a locking mechanism, a

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Shuttle Less Loom

Advantages and disadvantages of shuttle less loom1. The problems of shuttle loom are the weft yarns are placed inside the shuttle. The shuttle is big and heavy

The Fundamental of Shuttle less Looms

The fundamental principles of weaving are, SHEDDING is dividing the longitudinal threads called 'warp' into two sheets; PICKING is insertion of transverse threa

Jacquard Weaving Loom

In jacquard weaving a device called a ‘jacquard’ selects and lifts the warp yarns individually. This type of machine is used for larger more detai