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Delivery Of New Needle Loom Machine

Our new type weaving machine has widened the body, increased the weaving head, and increased the production capacity. Since its launch on the market, it has bee

Birthday party for colleague

On July 17th, last week, our company celebrated July birthday for colleagues. All colleagues who attended the party received a teapot as a birthday present. We

Activity of Dragon Boat Festival

The annual Dragon Boat Festival is coming, our company held a Dragon Boat Festival activities yesterday. In some parts of China, people have the habit of eatin

The Third Batch Of Weaving Machines Shipped

Yesterday 30 needle looms were loaded into containers and will be shipped to Vietnam at soon. Domestic customers opened new factories in Vietnam an

Birthday in May

Last Saturday, May 23, our company held a birthday party for all colleague whose birthday is in May. All my colleague in the party were given a thermos as a bi

Domestic Customer's Needle Looms Completed Installation

This weaving machines ordered by the customer in February. Now they were delivered to the customer's factory and were installed.This batch of webbing machines

Increased Back Creel Capacity

Our company purchased an automatic C-Beam roll forming machine, which has greatly increased production capacity.The back creel of our weaving loom requires a lo

Common Anti-Epidemic

Common Anti-Epidemic

Women's Day Celebrations

Women's Day Celebrations

Mask donation

Our company donated 10,000 masks to the local government to help fight the epidemic.

Guangzhou Yongjin Machinery Co.,Ltd. Exhibition List

Guangzhou YongJin mACHINERY Co.,Ltd is a dedicated manufacturer and supplier of jacquard loom and needle loom machinery with over 25 yaers experience on machine development and manufacture.We will participate in exhibitions around the world.

Won the affirmation of the column team of "craftsman spirit" of CCTV

Guangzhou yongjin Machinery Co, Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of weaving meaving and equipment,related textile machinery and MES production

Vietnamese Customers Shipment

Flat-Speed Shuttle Less Loom
Computerized jacquard Loom
High Speed Steam Warping Machine

The 16th Dhaka Int 'I Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition

welcome to our The 16th Dhaka Int 'I Textile & Garment Machinery Exhibition and Bangladesh Int 'I Sewing Machinery & Accessorires FairI sincerely thank you

Happy New Year

On the first working day of 2019, I wish everyone all the best!In this year, we will continue to uphold the spirit of our Yongjin people.Striving to meet custo

Yongjin production center outdoor activity

In November,Yongjin Machining weaving machine Center department held a outdoor activites.They held a basketball competion in order to enchance the unity and coo

Calligraphers come to the company

Calligraphy is one of the famous Chinese Traditional Culture. Guangzhou yongjin Machinery Co.,Ltd not only make high quality weaving machine that devotes to go

Happy birthday to our colleagues

Last Friday, we held a birthday party in November at Lianhua Mountain in Panyu, Guangzhou to celebrate the birthday of our colleagues.Guangzhou Panyu Lianhua M

New Product Training---Automatic Sampling Warping Machine

With the development of the technology, our company trains the staffs once per month. Different departments have different training programs. The training can

Love Family Love YongJin

Thank you so much for the company care about the colleagues.In August, Guangzhou YongJin Machinery Co.,Ltd. Organized employee to travel to Qingyuan Baojing pa

October's Birthday Party

In order to increase the company cohesion and the employee’s sense of belonging, Guangzhou Yongjin Machinery CO.,Ltd. held birthday party to celebrate th

Jacquard weaving machine produce sample tapes before delivery

According to the customer's request, we usually produce the sample tapes on their ordered jacquard weaving machine before delivery. It not only enhances the cu

Special collective birthday Party

Our company held a special collective birthday party at a vegetarian restaurant to congratulate our colleagues who born in July. It takes a chance for our col

Customized electronic jacquard needle loom

We finished a customized product: electronic jacquard needle loom with the transparent covers. Using the transparent covers instead of normal covers has those a

Department Outside Activity

Our company not only cares about our work, but also cares about the life beyond our work. Our department organizes outside activity every month. This morning,