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Non-standard Computerized Jacquard Machines Delivery

This afternoon we delivered a batch of non-standard computerized jacquard machines. The back cover of these computerized jacquard weaving head is transparent a

One Day 3 Containers ribbon Machinery Loading

This morning, we completed the loading of the last batch of ribbon machinery and related textile machinery for one customer. Three containers arrived at our co

Only 38 days remaining before The Febratex - Brazilian Textile Industry Fai

There are only 38 days remaining before The Febratex - Brazilian Textile Industry Fair which will be held during 21-24th August 2018 in Vila Germanica Park, in

How To Achieve The Goal Of “to prove quality and to improve production”?

How to achieve the goal of “to prove quality and to improve production”? Our processing center colleagues and installation department colleagues ha

Weaving Machines full of workshop

We are actively responding to the goal “to improve quality and to promote production”. Look, the entire production workshop is full of machines, in

10 Sets Jacqaurd Loom Loading

Today, the sun is like a fire, but it still can't stop our enthusiasm for shipment. Our colleagues worked against the scorching sun and spent nearly two hours

Sale Department training and assessment

It's easy to do one thing, it's hard to do well in one thing. In order to do a good job in sales, our sales department has conducted two weeks of training and

Shuttle Less Ribbon Machines Loading

We were loading the six sets of shuttle less ribbon machines into the truck at this morning. For the safe delivery, we packed those ribbon machines with wood pa

A Busy Scene Of Weaving Machine Factory Shop

Every day, factory workshop is such a busy scene. Look, installation department colleagues are installing dozens of sets of shuttle less weaving machines in a

Sale Personnel Train

Our company regularly trains sales personnel with the aim of making us better to sell webbing machine and to serve our customers comprehensively.Every training

Improve Production Of Webbing Machines

In order to answer the call of our company's goad of "promote quality and improve production", we make a production target for next few months, 300sets shuttl

Oblique Shuttle less Ribbon Machines Loading

After the heavy rain this afternoon, we were loading our company’s another hot-selling product, high-speed shuttle less ribbon machines. Our colleagues ad

July Monthly Meeting.

Today is first Monday in July. In this morning our company had a monthly meeting as scheduled. The meeting was hosted by the general manager Mr Chen. He briefl

Sales Department Meeting For Webbing Machine

At noon today, our sales department colleagues held a brief meeting.Themes of the conference were how to follow up with customers accurately and increase famil

Electronic Jacquard Loom Shipping

This sunny day is good for shipping. Another container of electronic jacquard loom was shipped abroad.Every shipment, we carefully check the needle looms,

Shuttle less webbing machines be delivered

Today, there is another container of shuttle less webbing machines need to be delivered to our foreign customer's port.

Jacquard Head Training

The jacquard head is the core part of the computerized jacquard weaving machine, which related to the quality of the webbing,

40 Feet Container Jacquard Needle Looms Shipment After Festival.

Today is a busy day, we finished loading 40 feet container jacquard needle looms in this afternoon after Dragon Boat Festival.

We Will Attend Febratex - Brazilian Textile Industry Fair

We will attend to one of the main textile technology fairs in the Americas, Febratex - Brazilian Textile Industry Fair, which to be held between 21 and 24 Augu

Computerized Jacquard Weaving Loom Was shipped Before Dragon Boat Festival.

On this sunny morning, the last batch of computerized jacquard weaving looms was shipped before Dragon Boat Festival. In order to complete customers’ jac

The Dragon Boat Festival activity.

Our company organized the Dragon Boat Festival activity.Colleagues took part in this activity of making Zongzi actively. In order to complete more than 1,000 Z

NF shuttle Less Webbing Machines Wroking

I visited the customer's factory today and saw that many of our company's NF webbing machines were producing at a high speed. I felt very happy because our mac

June Birthday Part Was Held

The June birthday party was held in our meeting loom today.
We care about every employee and start from their daily life. Every month, we organize birthday ev

Tens Of Machine Shipment Every day

June is a month full of hope and harvest. We completed another 3 orders for domestic and foreign customers today. A total of 21 sets machines, including high-

One Day Three Containers Jacquard Machine Loading

Today is a wonderful day, we finished loading three containers jacquard weaving machine in one day. One container is Asian customer, another two is for Europea