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Customized Horizontal Packing Machine have been tested.

Customized Horizontal Packing Machine have been tested.The horizontal packing machine is suitable for the packing 6-70mm elastic or non-elastic fabrics, with f

Ribbon Looms Exported To Europe.

After the heavy rain this afternoon, we loaded the high speed ribbon looms into the container and shipped them to Europe.Thanks for customers’ trust and

From Well-done To The Precision-done

In order to realize the object of creating the national brand and to realize the object of “from well-done to the precision -done” in 2018, we work

Jacquard Loom Delivery

The first weekend of June, we completed the computerized jacquqrd looms for one of our foreign customers, and packed them with standard pallets and loaded the

Ribbon Machine Shipment In May

In this May, our company shipped a batch of weaving machines to customers on average every day. During this period, we would like to thank our colleagues respon

Automatic Weaving Loom Delivery to Domestic Customer

The automatic weaving looms ordered by the customer has been packaged, loaded onto the truck, and shipped to the customer's factory.This batch of weaving machi

The Process Improvement Project of Webbing Loom

In this may, the technical department started the process improvement project of webbing loom. Our main products are jacquard loom, weaving machine, oblique shu

Jacquard Elastic Machines Exported to Mexico

Our jacquard elastic machines and high speed needle loom machine were loaded into containers and shipped to Mexico. Thanks the customer's trust and support.

The Explanation Of Jacquard Weaving Head

Our general manager Mr. Chen explained the core part of jacquard loom – jacquard weaving head. The colleagues in the technical department and the product

The Application of Ribbon Loom in Medical Industry

Our webbing machine has entered the production and application of bandages in the medical industry. Our high-speed shuttleless webbing machines feature webbing

High Speed Latex and Spandex Sectional Warping Machine Exported to Vietnam

The high speed latex and spandex sectional warping machine were loaded into the container and sent to the customer in Vietnam.This warping machine specialized f

Sales Department Training

In this sales department's training, our manager led us to the customer's webbing factory to learn more about the webbing production line.Our clients introduced

Warmly Welcome Our Customers To Our Company

Warmly welcome our customers to our company. The main purpose of their trip is to exchange corporate management with our company, understand how we conduct stan

Ribbon Machine Shipment Day

On a busy and efficient day, we dispatched three shipments from morning to night and sent them to domestic and foreign customers. Thanks to the customer for agr

The Machine Training of the Shuttle Less Webbing Machine

The technical department and quality inspection department conducted machine training of the shuttle less webbing machine. Analyze the various components on the

Sales Department Internal Experience Share Meeting

The sales department held an internal experience share meeting. We share tips on how to communicate with customers and how to answer common questions.This meet

Jacquard Needle Loom Delivery to Domestic Customer

In order to increase production capacity, customers ordered a batch of computer jacquard weaving machines in our company. We urgently arranged production and d

The Employee Birthday Party In May

The birthday stars of this May gathered together to celebrate their birthday. In their spare time in the production of the webbing machine, they relaxed, taste

Weaving Machines Make Delivery

There are 12 weaving machines to be sent to domestic customers. The weather has been cloudy these days, and the protection of the machine has been done more ad

The Documentary "The Pillars of a Great Power" Movie-Viewing Study

The documentary "The Pillars of a Great Power" movie-viewing study was successfully completed.We understand the history of innovation and development of Chine

Our Quarterly Outstanding Employee - Ms. Chen

Our quarterly outstanding employee - Ms. Chen of the sales department. Her enthusiasm for services, urgency of the customer's urgency, do her best to solve pr

Corporate Training

each department will carry out various training activities on a regular basis, so that employees can understand our weaving machine and improve their comprehens

Jacquard Loom Testing

Ensuring that webbing machines run normally, we will continully run the machine 48 hours before shipment. Once machines are delivered to customer, it can se

Computerized Jacquard Needle Loom Exported To Vietnam

Filled with this cabinet, we finally completed the order of 30 computerized jacquard needle loom for the first order of Vietnam customer this year. Thanks f

May employees commend the conference

In may, all the employees gathered in the conference room to summarize the production in the first quarter. Praise the excellent staff of each department. ea