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V12/15 Narrow fabric weaving loom machine


Oblique Speed Shuttleless Loom

For light to moderately heavy elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics in all yarn qualities,such as zipper ribbons, satin ribbons and chest ribbons.

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1.It is small in size and good-looking in appearance.

2.The principal axis is electromagnetic braking. It is easy-to-use and sensitive to start and stop, and not cause to any useless tapes.

3.The single iron frame being divided on two sides and oriented in the middle, it can change to various flower shape and different kinds of tapes.

4.It is featured by double weft and double hook and can weave every complex ribbon and double Z-type ribbon.

5.The advanced automatic weft feeding device ensures fine tuning of weft feeding when non-stop of machine.

6.The cam is characterized by its novel profile, no making too much noise and its high-quality lockrand.

7.The number of lines of strips can be changed quickly and efficien tly.Motor power is 1.1KW

This machine is to produce elastic belts, the structure is same as Muller's, over 95% of spare parts can interchange with Muller.

Model 2/110 4/65 6/50 8/30 12/15 8/30-2 12/18-2
Length of frame 550MM

Number of tapes

2 4 6 8 12 16 24
Width of reed 110 65 50 30 15 30 18
Maximum of tapes 100 63 48 28 13 28 16
Number of frame 16 16 16 16 16 16 16
Power/Voltage 1.1KW/380V
Circulation 1:8/16-48
Speed 800-1500rpm






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