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V2/110 Narrow Fabric Belt Webbing Loom Machine

 V2/110 Narrow Fabric Belt Webbing Loom Machine


Main Features

1. Webbing Machine is a new generation of ribbon special equipment, such as ribbon, packing bag, medical bandage etc..

2.Operating speed is high, and the speed can up to 600-900rpm, high efficiency,high yield.

3.The coiling setting is small in size and easytouse, and the coiling tape setting will stop automatically.

4.Frequency conversion motor can be installed, adopt step-by-step acceleration, easy to operation and saving labor and protect the yarn.




Number of tapes 2
Width of reed 110
Maximum of tapes 90
Number of frame 16
Circulation 1:8/16-48
Speed 600-900rpm
Width of machine 860mm
Height of machine 1900mm
Length of machine 1300mm
Weight of machine 400kg
Power 1.5kw
Voltage 380V