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V4/65 Automatic Needle Webbing Loom

 V4/65 Automatic Needle Webbing Loom


Main Features

1.Webbing machine is oblique shuttle less loom, sturdy construction, simple configuration. Easy to operate. Its products includes ribbon, packing bag, medical bandage etc..

2.Operating speed is high, and the speed can up to 800-1150rpm, high efficiency, high yield.

3.Part with mechanical precision manufacturing, long lasting durability.

4.Frequency conversion motor can be installed, adopt step-by-step acceleration, easy to operation and saving labor and protect the yarn.




Number of tapes 4
Width of reed 65
Maximum of tapes 60
Number of frame 16
Circulation 1:8/16-48
Speed 800-1150rpm
Width of machine 860mm
Height of machine 1900mm
Length of machine 1300mm
Weight of machine 400kg
Power 1.5kw
Voltage 380V