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Flat omputerized Jacquard Weaving Machine 8-42(192-384B)

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Jacquard weaving loom machine is used to produce designs, signs, characters. It is narrow fabrics and decorations weaving loom machine.

Its products includes elastic tape for underwear, tapes for bra, ribbon for garment or gifts industry.

The maximum speed of electronic jacquard loom machine can be up to 1200rpm.

It is operating under high speed, high efficiency, high yield.

Mechanical jacquard is step-less frequency conversion motor, easy to operate and save labor, energy and environment protection.

YJ-TNF 8-42- (192B-384B) is a new product of our company. It is a widened model with a body width of 680mm.

Compared with the conventional model TNF6 / 42, the number of bands increases and the output increases.

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