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Flat-Speed Shuttle Less Loom



Main Features 

Flat-Speed Shuttle Less Loom  using to produce high quality, varied elastic and non-elastic belts,such as underwear elastic, ribbon, shoose belt in garment industry, laces, ribbon in gifts industry. The machine is adaptablity and used wide in wide range.



Stepless frequency conversion motor, easy to operation and saving labor and protect the  yarn.

can be installed picot devce, multi style weaving.




Model NF 10/27 NF12/27 NF14/25
Length of frame 530 760 760
Number of tapes 10 12 14
Width of reed 27 27 25
Maximun of tapes  25 25 23
Number of frame 20 20 20
Circulation 1:8 /16-48 1:8 /16-48 1:8 /16-48
Speed  500-1200rpm 500-1000rpm 500-1000rpm
Size of machine  1500*1100*2100mm 1500*1200*2100mm 1500*1100*2100mm
Weight of machine  500kg 500kg 500kg
Power/Voltage 1.5kw/380v 1.5kw/380v 1.5kw/380v